05 August 2009


Updates will resume regularly once the jet lag has officially worn off and my life in Philly has adjusted back to normal.

30 July 2009

Internatty Hang Out

The other week, my good friends Ali and Lacie stopped by! They were traveling around Europe for two weeks. It was fun times and we often forgot that we weren't hanging out in Brooklyn and /or Philly. We did a boat-load of vintage shopping and then we got lunch at La Victoire Supreme du Coeur. I ended up eating there three times in the span of two days. It's SO good. As I type this, I am preparing to go there again for the last time...!! Anyways, it was fantastic to see the two of them and nice to be in the company of a fellow vegan and a vegetarian.

I got this delicious mushroom roast with some sort of raspberry sauce and mashed pumpkin. Everyone else's food was really fantastic as well.

Later on, I went to "Palais de Tokyo" to use their photobooth. So fun!

A Discerning Brute in Paris

Joshua Katcher writes a blog called "the Discerning Brute" which focuses on ethical food and fashion. He recently made a trip to Paris and published a fantastic post on vegan food resources.

You can read it HERE

He features one of my newly-crowned all-time favorite restaurants La Victoire Supreme du Coeur. If ever in Paris, eat there!

29 July 2009

How ze French say... "Doppleganger"

So I cannot go to most places without being mistaken for someone. This time it's Quebecois prodigy Xavier Dolan who wrote and directed the new film "J'ai tué ma mère" which translates to "I Killed My Mother".

I had seen the posters many times when I came to Paris and then one day two people stopped me on the street to ask if I was him. It was as bizarre as the Joe Jonas ones, but more bizarre since I did not know what Monsieur Dolan looked like.

Last night I finally got to see the movie and I don't really think I look all that much like him apart from the hair. We do have some similarities in the film though that I'm not going to delve into it, but I will say that unlike the film, my mum and I have a pretty good relationship!

Soo when it finally comes out in USA, I think you should all go see it. And I would like to see it with some English subtitles. I understood about 80% of it though soo hurrah!

Where Oh Where's That Wormwood

What's a trip to Paris without a sip of Absinthe? Don't believe the rumors, it's just really strong, black liquorice tasting liquor.

The next day, Rie and I made another trip to Ladurée. This time we got sandwiches. They were the BEST sandwiches ever. I ordered the Club Champs Elysées sans fromage and it was really tasty. There was some sort of rosemary oil sauce that I'd like to try to make when I come home on Saturday.